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Schuberg Philis raises record sum for Alp d'Huzes € 502.134

Four teams of Schuberg Philis with a total of 35 cyclists successfully participated in 2012 edition of Alp d'Huzes.

They were supported by a large group of fans and sponsors. Their mission was to express solidarity with all people whom are confronted with cancer and their loved ones. The collective team managed to raise a total of € 502.134, an all time record. To get an impression of the participants from Schuberg Philis and their drive to participate, you can watch the video that was made during the training weekend in March.

Also in 2013 a team of Schuberg Philis participates in Alp d'Huzes. Key sponsors of the 2012-edition were:

  • Mission Vital Sponsors: Eneco Energy Trade, Rabobank International, De Vlieg Techniek, Van Poelgeest, TelecityGroup, 2source4
  • Mission Essential Sponsors:WorkRate, LinkiT, Callatay & Wouters, Allen & Overy, ING Nederland, Vattenfall
  • Mission Sponsors: DutchLease, Legal Intelligence, Hansink en de Looper, JNV, NINtec, Weekendjeweg.nl, MoneYou
  • Partners: MD66 Car Cleaning, BruCon, DD&P Reklame BV, Weekendjeweg.nl, Arma Horeca Verhuur



Schuberg Philis heeft zich aangesloten bij wijhelpenziekenhuizen.nl

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