Flora Kokjes

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Élaine Rupp
jan 14, 2021 · 2 min lezen
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For the last couple of years, we have supported a foundation called Flora Kokjes. Every Friday, we donate our leftover food of the week to help low-income families and to avoid any waste from our restaurant. With these leftovers, they can cook an appetizing meal with children from the age of 4. In addition, a lot of our colleagues donate used toys, baby strollers, or clothing they no longer need.

During the Covid lockdown, we didn’t have enough leftovers to be picked up. But we kept supporting Flora Kokjes with ingredients anyhow, every week. We provided healthy products such as fruit, bread and veggie snacks for the kids to take to school. In this way, we help support around 160 families. This means the world to them.

We will keep supporting them and when the office is up and running again, we will continue to donate our healthy weekly leftovers. In March, the people behind this great foundation were featured on national television while they picked up our food at Schuberg Philis, on the TV show “De andere kant van Nederland.” Every year we also donate part of our Christmas boxes to the twelve volunteers who staff Flora Kokjes.

For more information about the Flora Kokjes foundation, visit their website: www.flora-kokjes.nl