Perspectives on the Rotterdam port

Jeroen de Korte vierkant
Jeroen de Korte
sep 30, 2020 · 2 min lezen
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To get acquainted with the important topics within the domain of transport and logistics—and specifically in and around the port of Rotterdam—we visited (and sponsored) the 2020 Havencongres at Theater Zuidplein in Rotterdam.

In the midst of the first Covid lockdown, this partly remote conference gave us a lot of insights into topics like: What will the long-term impact of Covid-19 be on business, innovation and cooperation at the port? Which effects can we expect from the growing pressure on free world trade, the rise of nationalism, and global powerhouses that are gaining even more influence, such as China? And of course: what impact will all of this have on the Rotterdam port?

Keynote speaker Allard Castelein (CEO of Port of Rotterdam) talked about the organization’s ambitions and transition paths, aimed at the permanent creation of social and economic value, including a port memorandum and a revised vision of the port’s evolving role.