Unleashing business progress: the Schuberg Philis approach to IT modernization

Gerwin Schuring, Kim van Wilgen, Ilja Heitlager, Arjan Eriks & Ivo Roefs
jun 14, 2024 · 15 min lezen Engels

In today’s fast-paced world of business, where digitalization is at the top of every company’s agenda, a fundamental truth is emerging: digital transformation begins with IT modernization. We have found in recent years that a crucial prerequisite for successful business transformation is to also have a program for IT modernization. In fact, it’s only these two processes together that unleash the potential of true business progress.

At Schuberg Philis, we don’t just recognize this truth; we have made it the cornerstone of our philosophy. This means we modernize technology not just for the sake of updating systems and processes, but above all to achieve concrete business goals. We guide organizations through the complexities of IT modernization by ensuring that our solutions are precisely tailored to their specific needs while also being secure, compliant, and innovative. This enables our customers not just to face the future, but to actively shape it.

A trinity for value delivery

In the dynamic landscape of technological evolution, enterprises striving for progress must ensure that their partners share a relentless focus on business outcomes. To this end, we have sculpted a unique approach for delivering value. Our trinity for value delivery, as we call it, is grounded in three cornerstones that form the bedrock of the Schuberg Philis value proposition. Consisting of dedicated customer teams, a distinctive way of working based on best practices for everything, and reusable digital components, the trinity is more than a theoretical framework – it’s a practical, actionable blueprint that leads to tangible results.

1. Dedicated customer teams: the heartbeat of success.

At the heart of our success are our dedicated customer teams, each one a blend of the top 5% of experts in relevant fields, characterized not only by their skills but also by their attitudes. Unique in composition, these teams are tailored specifically for each customer or project and are formed by colleagues at Schuberg Philis who choose their own customer based on a shared commitment to excellence. Once assembled, a team operates with full autonomy, allowing them to act decisively in the best interest of the customer throughout their journey together. This journey includes the planning phase, where the team designs what’s needed; the building phase, where solutions are developed; and the running phase, where the true value is delivered through our customers to their customers. The singular measure of success for these teams is achieving 100% customer satisfaction, ensuring that our partnerships are both fruitful and enduring.

2. Our way of working: constantly improving best practices for everything

At Schuberg Philis, our approach to service delivery is defined by a continuously evolving set of best practices that encapsulate over 20 years of collective experience. When customers engage with us, they benefit not only from a uniquely skilled team, but also from a service methodology refined through decades of innovation and expertise. Our process for improving these practices is truly collaborative; it does not involve management but rather relies on “circles” of subject matter experts from various customer teams who are deeply passionate about their fields. These experts identify the most effective or best examples being used within the company, develop these into standardized best practices, and then push them across all customer teams to enhance our overall effectiveness.

This shared knowledge – spanning project methodology, security, engineering standards, monitoring, documentation, visualizations, coding standards, compliance frameworks and controls, reporting, meeting structures, tools, team feedback mechanisms, terminology, and naming conventions – is referred to as our DNA or way of working, which is crucial for maintaining high quality, consistency, and efficiency across our services. In our culture, contributing to this body of knowledge is not only expected but also highly valued, as it helps standardize operations and facilitates easier mobility within the company, ensuring scalability and superior performance in all we do.

3. Reusable digital components: Solutions

At Schuberg Philis, we elevate our best practices to the next level by encapsulating them into reusable digital components that we refer to as “Solutions.” These components are developed by a dedicated organization within our company – known as “Services” – which specializes in creating semi-finished products designed to enhance the higher quality, time-to-market, and cost-effectiveness of our customer teams’ operations. Our Solutions are embedded with all of Schuberg Philis’s best practices and are tailored specifically for the mission-critical tasks we handle, ensuring every aspect of the work is covered. By managing the entire life cycle of these services, we unburden our customer teams, allowing them to concentrate on activities that add more value. We consider developing a Solution whenever we identify opportunities to reduce duplication of efforts across at least five customer teams, thereby standardizing processes and maximizing resource utilization.

Every IT question comes from a business question

At Schuberg Philis, we know that real advancement comes from a deep understanding of an organization’s business paired with a commitment to excellence in IT modernization. Our trinity for value delivery isn’t just a strategy – it’s a pledge to guide our customers on the complex path of digital transformation. The central tenet in our approach is that whenever we are asked an IT question, we always try to understand what the underlying business question is. By really understanding what is needed by our customer’s business, now and in the future, we gain the context needed to actually deliver value to them. Along the way, we make sure every step is toward a future where their business not only survives but thrives.

“Our approach to IT modernization is a customized journey that aligns precisely with specific business objectives and challenges.”

Synchronizing IT modernization and digital transformation

Our trinity for value delivery entails far more than technical updates or upgrades for the sake of technology itself. Any progress toward modernization begins with the deeper business challenges in mind. Working together with our customer, we identify how modernizing their IT foundation is an essential stepping stone to their company’s digital transformation. Then, going forward, we make sure that these two processes stay in sync. Our unique approach ensures that their synchronization endures at every step, while keeping the IT up-to-date and robust.

Because we understand that every digital transformation journey is intricate and unique to its organization, our strategy is not one-size-fits-all. Partnering with us is a guarantee that the IT is seamlessly integrated with business strategy. Grounded in our trinity for value delivery, our approach to IT modernization is a customized journey that aligns precisely with specific business objectives and challenges. This leads to a future where the organization is not just digitally transformed, but also set up for a success that sets our customers apart and, for that matter, shapes the very future of their business in the digital era.

Our belief in a value-driven partnership

Digital transformation is never a one-off project with a clear beginning and end. It requires attitudes and assets that transcend the purely technological. Regardless of the organization, it is evident that achieving consistent value generation requires more than simply replacing legacy systems or experimenting with the latest generative chatbot. The responsibility we take in navigating these needs is focused on driving business resilience by implementing forward-thinking solutions. In looking to the future through the eyes of our customers, we prioritize business outcomes that promise greater agility and differentiation while at the same time meeting constantly evolving regulations in security, compliance, and ESG standards.

“Our trinity for value delivery generates synergy, making room to combine our IT expertise with the customer’s core business insights, so we can jointly outsmart our customer’s competition and stay ahead of the market.”

To reiterate, as the IT landscape evolves with exponential speed, enterprises striving to generate value need a partner that shares a relentless focus on their business progress. Our approach to partnerships has proven to be simple yet powerful. We work in relationships that transcend the traditional customer-supplier dynamic. Our trinity for value delivery generates synergy, making room to combine our IT expertise with the customer’s core business insights, so we can jointly outsmart our customer’s competition and stay ahead of the market. Imagine optimizing a company’s supply chain, streamlining their logistics processes, and reducing waste in production cycles. Picture a scenario where the occurrence of micro-stops is minimized, and efficiency becomes the hallmark of operations. Such opportunities may previously have been invisible – but once they are unlocked, they can redefine the progress of business.

By delivering a robust, modernized IT foundation, we provide the ideal platform for our customers to do what they do best. Our foundation by itself is not meant to reinvent their core business, but rather to ensure that it shines. By jointly addressing immediate technology needs while providing a launchpad to develop new applications and innovations, we build a future in which IT not only meets today’s demands, but also lays the groundwork for lasting business success.

Our goal thus stands: to empower customers with digital resilience for the future. Modernizing IT infrastructure and eliminating any existing constraints enables us to guide them through the complex journey of digital transformation. This chain reaction culminates in the inevitable outcome of their business progress, unleashed and enduring. We have seen the results of our philosophy again and again, and we are proud of and grateful for the long-lasting and highly successful relationships with our customers that this approach has brought us.

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