Well-being and health: our top priorities, even during a pandemic

Dennis Brouwer
mrt 10, 2021 · 2 min lezen Engels
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When we were faced with Covid-19 in early 2020, we decided to close our office, which was a very tough call. This decision was prompted by the rules laid down by the Dutch government, and also by our own incentive to keep everyone within Schuberg Philis safe and healthy. After being closed down for a couple of months, we started investigating options to reopen our office with enough control and safety measures to make sure that everyone could return to the office without any concerns for their health.

After some research and trials, we decided to go with an app called BeeSafe. BeeSafe gave us the capability to roll out an iOS app to all company iPhones. The app is very user-friendly:

it makes it possible to reserve a desk in the app, together with the option to book a lunch at our office. To make sure we limited the number of people moving around in the building, the meal your ordered would then be delivered straight to your desk.

When someone comes in to the office, all they need to do to “check in” is scan their desk tag (QR or NFC); checking out of the office follows the same steps. Colleagues can also reserve desks for guests and check them in after picking them up at our security reception.

BeeSafe helped us greatly in keeping our office a safe place to work, while still being able to meet and talk with colleagues. At Schuberg Philis we see the well-being of our colleagues as a top priority, and with the support of BeeSafe we can safely let people work from the office whenever they need too. #StaySafe #BeeSafe