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Our annual report

Our company’s successes, learnings, and ever-growing portfolio of projects and experiments are as much a testimony of our colleagues’ pride as they are a testament to our customers’ progress. Each year the pages of our annual report document these milestones and more.

Flourishing in unprecedented times

In today’s predictably unpredictable world, IT has many calls to answer. Besides fulfilling the constant demand for updates and upgrades, technological solutions must meet organizational needs for security, compliance, sustainable development, and market-topping innovation. Meanwhile, economic, political, and social changes add to the complexity.

And yet, while many organizations – and the people who bravely run them – have lately expressed the feeling of leaping from crisis to crisis, for our customers, the experience has been different. Throughout 2021, they too had to contend with global and local stressors and uncertainty. But through it all, our customers enjoyed great resilience. In fact, many didn’t just perform well; they found themselves, to quote the theme of our latest annual report, flourishing in unprecedented times.

Our annual report highlights these resilient customer cases, sharing what we have learned from their successes and challenges as well as looking ahead on their industries’ horizons. We also detail the multidimensional Schuberg Philis approach that has enabled our customers to tap into their own technological power, organizational agility, and drive to do better business.

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Transforming paradoxes into opportunities: our consulting approach

Over the last two years, we witnessed the resilience of companies that thrived during the pandemic. Those that flourished share something in common: rather than expecting themselves to make binary decisions or, for that matter, to live with binary outcomes, they embrace paradoxes. This attitude, which we at Schuberg Philis refer to as 100%, is what guides our consulting approach. Read the article in full here.

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Digital resilience: a mindset and a matter of practice

Attacks in the digital world are only rising, with some even causing physical harm to society. Everyone needs digital resilience. But why is it hard for organizations to have and hold onto? To stay resilient – withstanding the pressure of crises – we need to think of resilience not as a commodity that you buy or trade, but as something you practice.

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Boldly manufacturing and innovating at the same time

In the face of crises, the manufacturers we partner with have harnessed both their actual entrepreneurialism and their entrepreneurial spirit. While we’ve seen other companies focus on either keeping up and running or, by contrast, continuing to innovate simply to get ahead of the competition, our customers have stayed simultaneously committed to both. Upkeep and innovation are not diametrically opposed.

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Our scalability of expertise: what IT demands when talent is rare

IT talent has always been a rare find, and the digital revolution is intensifying the scarcity. Meanwhile, too many talented workers are stuck in siloed organizations that don’t do justice to their capabilities and stifle their creativity. In these situations, experts are unable to make decisions, especially decisions benefitting from interdisciplinary expertise. But what if things could be done differently?

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Crisis-ready and resilient IT for the people, by the people

When we reflected on 2020 with our customers, we were glad to hear many were in fact crisis-ready. So how did their readiness for unexpected, dynamic situations weather 2021’s ongoing pandemic and new crises? To find out, we spoke with representatives from multinational bank and financial services company Rabobank, Dutch railway operator NS, and the Netherlands’ Ministry of Finance.

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Powering vital processes as a partner in GovTech

The future feels less predictable than ever, but it is possible for organizations to prepare for the unexpected and increase their agility so services are delivered without disruption. Working with GovTech customers, we seek to make a difference for governmental institutions. While they ensure the country can rely on its vital processes, our mission-critical IT solutions help strengthen their vitality.

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2021 Annual Report

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