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Our annual report

Primed for business progress

In a world of rising cyber threats, geopolitical shifts, and rapid technological changes, businesses face a complex landscape. The evolution of cloud services and AI, combined with immense data potential, offers both opportunities and challenges. How did we navigate these swift changes in 2023?

Resilient organizations, regardless of size or industry, treat IT strategy as a key value driver. Every technological decision is aimed at delivering clear benefits, whether for employees or consumers, ensuring efficiency and sustainability. Their IT is designed to facilitate business progress.

We have evolved from an outsourcer to a provider of mission-critical IT and business solutions. Our services include building enablement platforms, planning cloud exits, modernizing legacy systems, and using AI for secure software development. We believe digital transformation should add value to the organization, its people, and the planet. Our solutions are crafted to drive business success and demonstrate resilience in any condition.

2023 Annual report

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Nurturing a data climate for business progress

Data is vital but complex. Businesses need strategies to turn data into actionable insights for competitive advantage. Using IoT and edge computing improves data collection and integration. Effective governance ensures secure, trusted data for decision-making. Democratizing data empowers employees and fosters innovation. Shared platforms and centralized teams scale solutions efficiently. Accessible, trustworthy data enhances resilience and efficiency, driving business success.

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A perpetual learning culture

At Schuberg Philis, we harness fearless learning and entering unchartered territories. Our growth mindset and continuous learning culture enable us to adapt quickly, guide customers effectively, and maintain high standards. Dedicated teams, best practices, and comprehensive training ensure quality and ownership of solutions. Our commitment to perpetual learning ensures we deliver reliable, mission-critical IT with 100% uptime.

A perpetual learning culture \
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Unleashing the cloud’s full business value

Modern cloud services offer powerful tools like serverless computing, data warehousing, and AI analytics. When used right, they cut costs, boost productivity, and speed up innovation. Yet, many businesses miss out on these benefits. We support multi-cloud and hybrid setups for better security and efficiency. By understanding our customers' needs, we provide tailored cloud solutions that improve efficiency and save money.

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Making digital resilience scale

Digital resilience is crucial due to rising cyber threats and AI misuse. Ensuring strong cybersecurity and compliance is essential for business continuity. We integrate security from the start with a DevSecOps approach, allowing businesses to scale securely. Compliance is complex, but we simplify it by aligning security measures with regulations like NIS2 and DORA. Our goal is to help prevent incidents and minimize impacts, ensuring smooth digital transformations.

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Unleashing business progress

We believe that true business progress comes from aligning IT modernization with digital transformation. Our approach focuses on delivering value through dedicated customer teams, best practices, and reusable digital components. Our goal is to provide secure, compliant, and tailored solutions that help customers modernize their IT, meet current demands, and prepare for the future, ensuring long-term success.

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AI and automation

At Schuberg Philis, AI and automation boost productivity and efficiency by handling repetitive tasks and improving decision-making and security. We ensure ethical, secure, and effective AI use, guided by our AI manifesto. Our approach helps customers harness AI for maximum value, driving business progress and competitiveness.

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Our sustainability strategy

At Schuberg Philis, we focus on sustainability through people, the planet, and prosperity. We create a safe, inclusive workplace, support diversity, and promote continuous learning. Our commitment to the planet drives us to lead in sustainable IT, reducing CO2 emissions, using wind power, and recycling e-waste. We invest in our people with healthy meals, wellness activities, and comprehensive benefits. Partnering with like-minded customers, we aim to positively impact society and build a better future.

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