How to engineer a Christmas dinner

Schubergphilis website medium Elaine Rupp
Élaine Rupp
Dec 29, 2020 · 2 min read
Schubergphilis website Christmas Dinner

Each year, our restaurant team provides a Christmas menu that can be picked up at the office at cost price. Colleagues take home twelve delicious courses with wine pairing, amuses and friandises.

This year some of our engineers chipped in to make our lives a little easier. We struggled to bring together the planning, the orders and the financial side of this event. To give you some idea: last year we prepared and packaged 4,108 courses!

Our engineers quickly built an app with minimum effort and maximum impact. They even made a business case out of this—and, above all, they had a lot of fun! With the help of our marketing team, we made pictures of the dishes and filmed the food plate presentations. These visual elements were then incorporated into the app.

The end result was simply amazing. The app was really easy to access and handle, and we will definitely use it again next year.