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Ace and Schuberg Philis start partnership

Amsterdam, 12 December 2017 - IT outsourcing company Schuberg Philis is teaming up with startups, researchers and students of ACE to share knowledge and jumpstart innovation projects around Artificial Intelligence. Both organizations signed a partner agreement today at Startup Village, based on Amsterdam Science Park. As a first project, a team of Schuberg Philis engineers has joined the ACE Incubation program, to develop and test a new AI-concept that can predict ‘unexpected’ operational incidents, reducing the burden of overnight on call-duties. Schuberg Philis are also the first full member of ACE’s new event-driven platform Innovators Tribe.

Stimulating entrepreneurship
Erik Boer, director at ACE (Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship): “As part of the partnership we will actively share activities leading to innovation projects together, both for corporate clients of Schuberg Philis as well as for students and researchers in software engineering. It is our strength to stimulate entrepreneurship by offering training, support and access to an extensive network of mentors, entrepreneurs and business professionals. By doing so, we empower Amsterdam-based innovators to create high impact ventures.” ACE is located at Startup Village, a co-working hub at Amsterdam Science Park, which includes event spaces as well as container offices for startups and innovation labs.

Desire for exploration
Mike Wessling of Schuberg Philis: “Our 225 engineers and developers at Schiphol offer 100% IT services that help customers with their digital transformation journeys. Our self-steering teams of experts safely guide them along new paths and explore new ideas together. We have to innovate continuously, in order to stay relevant in this rapidly changing environment. By partnering with ACE, we strengthen our innovation ecosystem, getting access to experts that explore the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence. In return, we can share extensive experience in automating complex information processes and cooperating in large business-critical IT ecosystems. Our customers include some of ACE’s current partners like MoneYou and Rabobank.”

Erik Boer, Arjan Eriks, Mike Wessling, Roeland Kuipers, Paul Heere, Suzanne Hansen (foto: Olivier Overberg)



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