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Giarte Survey: customers value dual capabilities of Schuberg Philis

In the annual Giarte Outsourcing Performance Survey, Schuberg Philis has been awarded with the highest customer satisfaction scores* in all outsourcing categories: infrastructure management, application management and end user management. For the eighth consecutive year, Schuberg Philis obtained a 100% customer recommendation score, with 50% Superfans, the highest percentage in the market.

Philip Dries, Managing Director of Schuberg Philis, commented: “We are very proud of this customer recognition, during a turbulent year of growth, exploration and acceleration. Giarte has described the current technology phase in their survey as the ‘perfect IT-storm’, and we are in the middle of it to grasp the opportunities with our customers. Our playing field is the challenging combination of exploration and exploitation. We enable the creation of new applications with greater speed and flexibility, and meanwhile lift and shift the existing monolithic application landscapes to a cloud native world.

The survey results show that customers value our dual capability of development and control. Customers seek our involvement to achieve their digital transformation and create sustainable velocity in the business. Despite all innovation, our highest scores are still in the field of Reliability (8.6) and Security & threat management (9.1). As the premium auditable IT outsourcing company, we believe in complete transparency and ensure adherence to regulatory controls, while being flexible in helping customers realize their business ambition.”

The national survey is based on evaluations from 822 CIOs and IT executives of top- Dutch companies and large public organizations. The Giarte Outsourcing Performance Report for 2017/2018 measures satisfaction with the suppliers of IT outsourcing, based on outsourcing contracts from 631 organizations.

*) In the category ‘Large Size’ providers.



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