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Schuberg Philis Annual Report 2013

Innovation drives fundamental improvements to service offering.

Innovation drives fundamental improvements to service offering

Outsourcing-services provider Schuberg Philis achieved a turnover of € 56.4 million in 2013, a slight increase over the previous year, despite challenging market conditions. The net profit margin rose from 10% to 12%, despite a significant investment in innovation. The value of all on-going contracts (contracted future turnover) amounts to € 99.6 million.

Pim Berger, Managing Director of Schuberg Philis said: “Over the last year, we have launched a whole series of fundamental improvements under the name ‘Coding our Future’. Through these, we and our customers can take significant steps forward. These figures show that we are capable of maintaining and even improving the quality of our service while at the same time innovating on all fronts and continuing to achieve ongoing, long-term growth. Our customers recognize that our strong ability to innovate helps them to maintain control over and significantly improve the crucial services they provide in their application environments.”

In 2012, colleagues, customers, partners and friends of Schuberg Philis joined a summit meeting to discuss ways the organization could best adapt to the fast-changing changing market conditions. Berger: “The current doctrine in the world is ‘Faster is the new fast’. Customers therefore expect new and reliable solutions much more quickly than in the past. To achieve this, we develop and manage smart and replicable modular software. Whereas until recently it typically took months to build a system, today it is possible to create a complex application landscape with just a press of a button. Along the way our focus has come to lie on providing Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), Platforms as a Service (PAAS) and Software as a Service (SAAS). The core of the Schuberg Philis philosophy, however, remains the same: 100% commitment to customer satisfaction.”

Schuberg Philis’s completely new-look Annual Report spotlights these developments in greater detail, with a series of interviews with colleagues. As well as the financial figures and a look back at noteworthy developments in 2013, the report also includes cases involving new customers (Het Loodswezen – the Dutch maritime pilots’ association – and Van Lanschot bank) and existing customers (Syntrus Achmea Asset Management and Rabobank International Direct Retail.



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