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Schuberg Philis goes from strength to strength

IT service provider Schuberg Philis has once again been awarded the highest customer satisfaction scores of all participants in this year’s Giarte Outsourcing Performance Survey. The survey covered aspects such as the level of Trust in the company, the percentage of Fans, Proactiveness and a new category Managed Security. The score for Willingness & Competence was 95. Schuberg Philis once again scores higher than its peers.

The company led the field with 89 points for the Giarte Trust Score (the market average was 73). The Fan Score (based on answers to the question: “Would you recommend your service provider?” among the Large Size peer group) also put Schuberg Philis in the lead with 89% positive replies. The percentage of ‘Superfans’ (those who would ‘absolutely’ recommend Schuberg Philis) was also highest at 47%.

Erik-Jan Kool, Managing Director of Schuberg Philis, commented: “We are very pleased to see the excellent evaluations our company has received in the Giarte report. Our customers clearly see Schuberg Philis as a highly trusted partner when it comes to crucial transitions involving technologies and business models.

For our self-steering teams, responsibility is key. Because team members have the freedom to take action themselves or to adjust the plans – in close consultation with the customer and other external partners in the ecosystem – we can respond to unplanned needs in a highly efficient way. Another important trend is the need for intensive co-operation: these days most projects involve partners. Our track record of successful cooperation is reflected in the high scores for trust, appreciation by our ‘fans’, proactiveness, and managed security. On all these aspects, Schuberg Philis was given the very best scores in the market.”

This year was the first year that Giarte measured customer satisfaction for Managed Security Services”, Frank Breedijk, CISO of Schuberg Philis, states. “To be the top scorer in this category, with an 8.8, is confirmation of the quality of both these managed security services and the security we offer in our regular security services. It is a score that really makes me proud."

The Giarte Outsourcing Performance Report is based on evaluations from 810 CIOs and IT executives of leading Dutch companies and large public organizations. The survey measures satisfaction with the suppliers of IT outsourcing, based on outsourcing contracts from 718 organizations.

For more information on the Giarte OP results, check the Giarte website.



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