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Eurocloud NL Event April 22nd at Schuberg Philis

Eurocloud NL “Show your Cloud” event on the 22h of April at Schuberg Philis.
Schuberg Philis is proud to host the first Eurocloud “Show your Cloud” event on the 22h of April together with Eurocloud The Netherlands. During this event Schuberg Philis' customers will talk about their specific implementation on the Schuberg Philis Mission Critical Cloud. LeasePlan Bank will talk about their bank deployment in the Schuberg Philis Mission Critical Cloud. And why this significantly improved time-to-market without compromising quality and security controls.  Besides these customer showcases, Schuberg Philis (Arjan Eriks & Roeland Kuipers) will explain how their Cloud platform helps delivering their 100% promise and how Schuberg Philis prepares for the future by developing a hybrid cloud orchestration strategy. Follow this link for free registration for this event: http://www.eventbrite.nl/e/registratie-show-your-cloud-te-gast-bij-schuberg-philis-16299563433
  • 16.00- 16.30      Registration
  • 16.30 – 16.45    Welkome by EuroCloud NL
  • 16.45 – 17.05    Schuberg Philis and the Cloud by Roeland Kuipers & Arjan Eriks
  • 17.05 – 17.25    Leaseplan Bank by Henk Jan Flierman en Frido Frencken
  • 17.25 - 17.50     Actiam by Maurice Vermeulen and  Steve Douho
  • 17.50 – 18.00    Break
  • 18.00 – 19:30    Discussion and drinks
The Schuberg Philis Mission Critical Cloud is running high profile production workloads since 2012. This Schuberg Philis IaaS platform is based on Apache Cloudstack and has adopted Software Defined Networking technology, based on Nicira NVP. Which was later rebranded into VMWare NSX after the acquisition by VMWare.



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