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The cloud is ready for the digital crown jewels - positioning paper Multi-cloud computing

Multi-cloud approach by Schuberg Philis solves key objections - Although most organizations have come to understand the benefits of cloud computing, only few are prepared to transfer their mission critical applications to the cloud. Schuberg Philis has developed and tested a new multi-cloud approach to resolve the key issues around the transition of the ‘digital crown jewels towards the cloud. The approach incorporates architecture and technology, culture and organization. As a result, customers benefit from the key advantages of the cloud, while ensuring reliability and safety. The full story can be read in the Positioning Paper ‘Freedom in the Cloud’.

Arjan Eriks, Cloud Director at Schuberg Philis: “We see that many CIO’s find it difficult to incorporate cloud computing in their IT environments. They struggle with questions such as data security, privacy laws, costs and the complexity of the integration. As a result, cloud computing is not widely implemented, certainly not for mission critical applications.

That is a pity, because the cloud advantages can only be established to the full extent when the entire application landscape is moved to a cloud environment. With our phased multi-cloud approach, it is possible to complete cloud transitions successfully and automate IT management processes to the maximum. This process not only impacts the technology, but also the culture and organizational structure, DevOps and application development, as well as security and compliance. We ensure that these four dimensions are linked with one another in all phases.”

Schuberg Philis believes that the fundament of clever cloud computing involves making smart choices: which applications belong in which type of cloud? We place applications in their entirety in the most suitable type of cloud, be it public, community,  hybrid or private. We are able to comply with all existing security and privacy requirements.

After the transition, the existing IT environment can be entirely dismantled. As a consequence there are no more unnecessary license and support costs, skills, and processes. Should circumstances change overtime, we offer customers the freedom to easily switch between cloud types and providers.” 



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