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Our annual report 2022

Our company’s successes, learnings, and ever-growing portfolio of projects and experiments are as much a testimony of our colleagues’ pride as they are a testament to our customers’ progress. Each year the pages of our annual report reflect these experiences and more.

Resilience, tailormade

With societies, markets, and environments in dramatic flux, the challenges we face constantly shapeshift. But just as readily, so can people and technology. When we tailor-make IT in a flexible, scalable way, we find that organizations become more resilient. We bring the unexpected into a clear scope of view from a multitude of perspectives, just as a kaleidoscope would. Hence, the kaleidoscopic images that illuminate the articles in our annual report.

Having a clear strategy and a strong people-first culture let us embrace 2022. It enabled us to do what we have always done: work intimately with our customers ensuring that their mission-critical IT fortifies their most vital business. This way of working, together with multidisciplinary teams and best-in-breed solutions, has been our basis for success no matter what circumstances the world presents.

Our annual report collects our varied stories and those of our customers. We highlight their many successes and strengths, cares and concerns for the future, and the dreams we share in our collective pursuit of engineering business progress.

View the full report as a single file or read its six feature articles by clicking on the links below.

2022 Annual report

Annual report business progress resilient and compliant

Business progress, resilient and compliant by design

As regulations grow, their provisions may become more concrete while their implications in a complex IT landscape can be confusing. In an atmosphere heavy with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), organizations may worry that their ambitions will conflict with legislative requirements, so they postpone tech modernization moves. But actually, business progress and compliance go hand in hand. With a multidisciplinary understanding of their legislative and technical frameworks, regulations should enhance, not slow down, business.

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Annual report cybersecurity growing up from startup to scaleup

Cybersecurity: growing from startup to scaleup

Hacking may once have been the handiwork of bored nerds in basements, but today’s criminal digital adversaries are professionals. However, just because cybercrime has officially transitioned from the ranks of startup to scaleup, doesn’t mean organizations can stall their IT modernization journeys. They need fit-for-business security. This entails understanding that cybersecurity is no longer the job of a single team or toolkit, but rather a full-time issue impacting and impacted by everyone in the organization.

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Annual report boosting business multi cloud strategy

Boosting business with the right multi-cloud strategy

It’s more than risk appetite that determines choices about which application to land on which cloud platform and in the public or private cloud. An organization’s mission, vision, and strategy must guide how business processes are shaped and supported by their IT strategy and application landscape. A cloud strategy, therefore, is not just about building a landing zone anymore. It's about creating a constellation of digital assets that will enable a stellar digital resilience strategy.

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Annual report reintegrating the craft of ops

Reintegrating the craft of Ops

About 15 years ago, the work of operations engineers (Ops) combined with the work of development engineers (Dev). While DevOps revolutionized team collaboration and delivery pace, the need for speed still prevails. In an unpredictable world with fast-moving markets and exponentially complex IT landscapes, many organizations feel they must choose between the resilience emphasized by Ops and the velocity driven by Dev. Yet, for us and the enterprises we partner with, it’s not a tradeoff.

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Annual report the right data climate

The right data climate for value from day one

Many enterprises think that to fully reap data’s benefits rather than simply produce or consume it, they must complete their digital transformation. We’ve seen otherwise: organizations can extract value from data from day one, regardless of where they are on their IT journey. What matters most is that the data is unlocked and available – and that it is quality data. This enables a climate of data resilience, serving as fertile ground to solve business-critical challenges.

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Annual report IT modernization

IT modernization in the global ecosystem

In a digital-first era, when economic, political, and social disruptions are the norm, IT needs to be steady. Paradoxically, that steadiness is enabled by constant evolution. As organizations contributing to the Netherlands’ vital infrastructure, our customers understand this and so choose to embrace change and innovation. To learn more about their IT modernization journeys, we spoke with representatives from payment solution service CCV, financial service Geldmaat, and logistics companies NewCold, Port of Rotterdam, and PostNL.

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