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Harm Boertien
Nov 17, 2020 · 2 min lezen
Schubergphilis devopsday 17

Many tech conferences had to be held online in 2020, due to the Covid restrictions. And devopsdays Amsterdam was no exception. In just two months’ time, we pulled it off: organizing one of the largest devopsdays in our history, online, with more than 700 attendees and more than 20 speakers.

Schuberg Philis has always been a fan of devopsdays, and probably always will be. Devopsdays is all about improving our industry by connecting people, sharing experiences, and sharing technology. And devopsdays continues to be a success. Around the globe, more and more devopsdays are organized every year, all by volunteers.

Technology is a big part of the conference, of course—but what’s more important is the open spaces where people come together to talk about the things that matter most in IT: people. Our logo represents the love we have for working well together, in a safe environment.

Unfortunately, the devopsdays we had hoped to organize in Eindhoven in 2020 did not come to pass. But 2022 will go some way towards making up for that, as we will be organizing our 10th devopsdays in Amsterdam. We look forward to seeing you there!

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