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Amazon DynamoDB

When creating software solution storage for an API platform,
as we regularly do for our mission-critical customers ,
we use Amazon DynamoDB.

This fully managed NoSQL database service offers swift, predictable performance and easy scalability. We know we can rely on this Amazon service because it handles large amounts of requests with latency less than 100ms.

Since DynamoDB takes care of distributed database operating and scaling, we are freed from having to focus energy on hardware provisioning, setup and configuration, replication, software patching, and cluster scaling . The service also provides encryption at rest, additionally freeing us from the extra operational burden and complexity of data protection.

In designing our single table data model and the software that interacts with DynamoDB, we follow the guidelines comprehensively laid out in The DynamoDB Book.

Want details on how we implemented DynamoDB for one of our customers? Read more here.

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