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From day one, we created an organization focused on IT activities that require specialized expertise crucial to our customers' strategies. At Schuberg Philis, we take a holistic approach to essential IT solutions through our Plan-Build-Run methodology. By adhering to our deliver your own promise principle, the same team of experts handles the planning, building, and running phases. This ensures continuity, prevents issues like rejecting external ideas or passing on responsibilities, and guarantees stability, effectiveness, security, and a strong focus on delivering value to our customers.


As we really thought things through, we recognized a common aspiration shared by both our customers and our engineers. No customer desires to navigate through junior helpdesk staff before reaching someone capable of resolving their issue. Similarly, no expert wishes to be brought into the conversation after a question has already escalated into a problem. The solution we devised was both simple and groundbreaking: we eliminated all intermediary layers, facilitating direct communication between customers and experts from the very start. By removing these layers, we also eliminated numerous instances where individuals had to pass on responsibilities, reducing the likelihood of errors. We refer to this approach as "deliver your own promise." The advantages are significant: with us, from the initial design phase onward, there are no blind spots between an idea and its feasibility, addressing a common weakness in many IT projects.


In the Plan phase, we assemble a diverse and multidisciplinary team of specialists to deeply understand the business challenge and objectives. We collaborate closely with stakeholders through workshops, design sprints, interviews, and other methods to identify requirements, constraints, and success criteria. We call this ‘diagnose before you prescribe’. Our detailed, data-driven planning process focuses on understanding the business objective, required capabilities, and the current IT landscape, while creating a strategic roadmap that mitigates potential risks early on. In this way, we also focus on the business challenge behind the IT question.

By including our engineers from the beginning, we ensure that our solutions are designed for frictionless execution and long-term stability. Our experts, drawing from extensive experience, can predict how decisions will impact customer operations in the future, allowing us to prioritize strategies that account for long-term effects. This operational insight forms solid IT choices that support the customer’s business objectives both now and in the future.


The Build phase is where planning transforms into execution. Our dedicated, multidisciplinary team of engineers collaborates to develop, iterate, integrate, and deploy the solution. Embracing the principle of you build it, you run it, we foster a culture of accountability and excellence. The same engineers who design and build the system are also responsible for its operation, reducing handover issues and ensuring the creation of robust, maintainable solutions.

Our teams work from a meticulously designed architecture developed during the Plan phase, ensuring that the IT solution is secure by design and incorporates a high degree of automation for deployment and testing.


In the Run phase, we ensure a seamless transition from deployment to ongoing operations. Our dedicated team of experts, involved since the Plan phase, manages the system daily, ensuring deep familiarity with the solution. This enables proactive 24/7 monitoring, rapid incident response, and continuous optimization. Our objective is to achieve operational stability and performance through extensive automation, allowing customers to focus on their core business without IT disruptions. Through end-to-end functional monitoring, we provide valuable insights and input for continuous improvement.

These are the reasons we work closely with customers in the Plan phase:
  • We assist customers in reimagining their IT strategy, architecture, and operating model to ensure their organization thrives in today’s technology-driven world.
  • We help customers assess and understand their processes and IT landscape, identifying impactful digital opportunities for their business.
  • We help in creating the solution design, business case, roadmap, and change plan to redesign customer processes or IT systems, shaping the desired future for our customers.

These are typical ways Schuberg Philis contributes during the Build phase:
  • We translate business context and requirements into effective IT and business solutions.
  • We ensure the on-time, on-budget, and on-spec delivery of modern mission-critical infrastructure and applications.
  • We assist customers in developing and implementing change management strategies to ensure smooth adoption.

Typical ways Schuberg Philis contributes during the Run phase include:
  • Delivering 100% availability and performance of mission-critical systems.
  • Establishing functional metrics to monitor the performance of implemented solutions.
  • Developing operational improvement programs to continuously optimize and enhance solutions in alignment with customer business objectives.
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