Schuberg Philis experiences strong growth and takes next step in strategy

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Schuberg Philis
Jan 17, 2023 · 3 min read
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Schuberg Philis has experienced great expansion in the past years, with its number of colleagues growing from 150 to 400. This is consistent with the mission-critical IT company’s ambitions and the strategy accordingly deployed in 2011.

Over the past decade, the IT company with offices in Schiphol-Rijk and Rotterdam has grown to employ 400 colleagues and generate nearly 100 million euros in turnover. Guided by its DNA to evolve with customers’ changing needs, Schuberg Philis has gradually shifted its focus as a provider of on-premises infrastructure to a full spectrum of integrated mission-critical IT services fulfilling business needs and priorities.

Datacenter operations

In keeping with its long-term strategy, datacenter operations no longer constitute core business for Schuberg Philis. The company acquired a datacenter in 2003 to host the dedicated and shared infrastructure of its IT outsourcing customers. However, now that its market has broadened from IT outsourcing to include cloud services, digital transformation support, business IT consulting, data analytics, and software engineering, Schuberg Philis no longer considers maintaining its own datacenter a key activity. Divesting its datacenter was thus a logical decision for the company to make.

"Co-location services are seldom called for anymore because customers want to exploit the flexibility and the quality of private and public clouds,” says Schuberg Philis founder Pim Berger. “Over the past decade, as we kept expanding both our own private cloud capabilities and our partnerships with public cloud providers, we phased out our datacenter activities and operation volumes."

Private and public clouds

The company’s present-day strategy is focused as much on building its own private cloud capabilities as ongoing partnerships with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Success in these new forms of services is evidenced by its leading role in the AWS Partner Network. Schuberg Philis was the only AWS Partner in the Netherlands to receive two awards at AWS re:Invent 2022 in Las Vegas.

"Our recently won AWS EMEA Partner Award for the Data and Analytics & Supply Chain Competency is a great example of how Schuberg Philis teams collaborate with our customers’ teams to achieve success across both well-known and unknown territories,” Berger says. As the first Dutch partner to win such an award, we are particularly proud of this. This requires mutual trust within our partnerships, and we are glad to have this trust."

Sovereign cloud

Since 2012, Schuberg Philis has offered a private cloud to customers who want to use such a solution in addition to the public cloud. A decade after developing MCC, short for mission-critical cloud, the company has launched a new state-of-the-art sovereign cloud solution called 100% Dutch-owned and fully compliant with EU regulations, will allow customers with a multi-cloud strategy to move forward for years to come.

It’s the people, actually

Schuberg Philis aims to further expand its market footprint through its unique teams of experts. As part of this expansion, a new office location opened in Rotterdam in 2022 to serve key regional customers and attract top local talent. These teams have continued growing over the past years, amassing expertise in data science, cybersecurity, cloud platform engineering, cloud-native software development, and business consulting. Team knowledge has since been praised in various market surveys, such as Giarte and Computable. In the latter, Schuberg Philis placed in the top 3, after Adyen and ASML.

"What sets Schuberg Philis apart is our multidisciplinary teams that put experts in the lead,” Berger says. “Everything we do is to enable these teams to perform optimally. We actively invest in our experts’ knowledge level and, to this end, established the Schuberg Philis Academy two years ago. This keeps the teams in constant self-development. We also pay considerable attention to company composition. Now constituting 31 nationalities, we ensure that our different backgrounds and perspectives ultimately deliver the 100% quality that customers have come to expect from us."

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