What we do

We help you create value enabled by technology and sustained through our built-up expertise. We understand that technology's acceleration is constantly creating new market competition. To keep you on top, our IT solutions deliver 100% impact in areas fundamental to your business. This is how we help you achieve each mission-critical transformation.

Focus areas

No two companies are identical. Neither are industries. But many share similar processes and priorities. Our mastery of these areas comes from knowledge and experience we’ve built up over decades.

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Cloud migration

Just as we have no archetypical customer, we have no one-size-fits-all migration. Rather than simply lifting or shifting to the cloud, we fully assess your business needs and potential value streams. We believe that moving to the cloud is not just a matter of modernization, but rather a means to accelerate value creation and innovation.

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Digital transformation

Solving IT challenges that directly impact your mission-critical operations is essential for daily business. At the same time, our solutions enable your organization to generate steady value while still growing and innovating. The result is therefore not merely a digital transformation, but also an invitation for your company to embrace a full mission-critical transformation.

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Mc outsourcing

Mission-critical outsourcing

We do far more than just outsourcing, but our reputation stands strong as an outsourcer with guarantees for 100% uptime. Entrusting us to your outsourcing needs means making your daily operations more efficient and cost-effective by using secure IT platforms, customer-centric software, and data-driven decision-making. This empowers your company to fulfill its greater business goals.

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Security, risk & compliance

The exponential growth of digitization in the past decades has boosted data usage and collection and, due to insufficient regulations, led to privacy issues. Even more markets are becoming regulated because the need for security and compliance is urgent, while laws and rules constantly evolve. With our experience built up over 15 years within financial institutions, we offer bespoke solutions that weigh the exact benefits of business decisions against risks and regulations, whatever your market may be.

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Industry 40

Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution bridges human knowledge, talent, and labor with the power of machines, factories, and supply chains. These bridging solutions give workforces greater, richer insights, which enable better decision-making and strategic planning. In turn, your same assets and same operations simply lead to more output.

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Regulated markets

Regulated markets

Our complete digital trust package enables the real-time automated analysis, management, and risk measurement of organizations that operate in regulated markets. Doing business in such tightly governed contexts requires the dual challenge of being flexible, resilient, and innovative while also staying secure and compliant. With expertise that matches execution power, we help you not only navigate these markets, but stay in control and on top.

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We drive transformation by bringing together all the expertise needed to help organizations grow and thrive in the 21st century. At the same time, we continuously invest in expanding and fortifying our expert capabilities.

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The cloud has become essential for a successful IT strategy. Encouraging growth, scalability, and innovation, the cloud enables organizations to seize their digital transformation.

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Data engineering enables decisions based on facts and figures rather than feelings. We guide data-driven business, which often goes hand in hand with exploiting the cloud’s flexible, cost-effective storage and features tailored to your needs.

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We create impact by building customer-centric software based on profound understanding of your business domain. Our software meets the highest standards to fulfill mission-critical operations, ensuring stability, scalability, security, sustainability, and mature risk management. As an organization evolves, its software also should enable better business and value creation.

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Digital trust

We empower organizations to fully benefit from a digital transformation by keeping them secure and compliant. New digital environments radically affect risk profiles by interconnecting IT landscapes, inviting in third parties, and being subject to quickly changing laws and regulations. Customers entrust our own trust capabilities to help them navigate this new, complex IT world. A measure of our success is how good of a night’s rest you get.

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Every IT request emerges from a human need to improve everyday life. Responding to those needs, we give advice based on intimate knowledge of your business and your industry. So, while experience and expertise guide our consultancy, side-by-side cooperation with customers brings the solutions to life.

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