We create impact by building customer-centric software based on profound understanding of business domains.

We meet the highest standards to fulfill mission-critical operations, ensuring stability, scalability, security, and maintainability. As our track record proves, our software creates value for organizations and optimizes the experience of their own end users.

When customers come to us asking about software, we often change the subject. That’s because before we can even think about giving advice or, for that matter, writing code, we need to understand not their technical questions, but rather the challenges and priorities of their business. The software we develop and the commercial off-the-shelf products we integrate in our solutions create stable, future-proof IT ecosystems. However, our focus is not on the operational output of the software itself. It remains on the outcomes that enable companies to do better business.

Always keeping our customers’ greater goals in view, we devote much time, funding, and brainpower to continually learning about their industries, business domains, and how to ensure their own end users have the best experience. This means we regularly pursue cloud-native software certifications, sharpen our clean code writing skills across all programming languages, and hold academy deep dives in order to really grasp a specific dimension of a specific domain. Beyond software, our solutions encompass processing and wrangling data, automating technical application management, and managing clouds. Whether for just one company or a group with similar activities, we build web services, apps, and other frontends, midlayers, backends, databases, and embedded software for IoT devices.

Embracing a BizDevOps approach to working, we are as holistic as we are thorough. We structurally incorporate functional business problems in the software production process, take accountability for internal product quality, such as security and maintainability, and consistently own technical debt. These values also translate into sustainable velocity, long-term technical support, knowledge-sharing, and on-the-job mentoring of our customers’ own in-house specialists. In short, whatever solution we provide involves giving you the most valuable software to execute your mission-critical operations and, at the same time, to achieve your business goals in the long run.

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