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Sogeti-consortium is bringing Enexis Group to the cloud

Transformation of more than 200 applications within a contract of 50 million euro’s.

Today Sogeti is signing a four years agreement with energy network provider Enexis Group to transform more than 200 enterprise applications to a public cloud environment. The IT services provider is working closely together with partners Schuberg Philis and First Consulting transforming business critical software to a Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. This consortium will develop a ‘cloud-native’ architecture including a new governance model for which DevOps teams will be educated. The value of this agreement is about 50 million euro’s for four years with an optional extension of 16 years.

The utilities world is rapidly changing which has also impact on net management company Enexis active in implementation, management and maintenance of a huge part of Dutch electricity and gaz network. The company has to anticipate and react even faster to changing circumstances in the chain of energy supply. For that reason, Enexis Group is looking for scalable IT-capacity in a public cloud environment.

This four years agreement include activities to develop a ‘cloud-native’ architecture, the transition of existing applications to a public cloud platform and organization transformation. The ‘cloud-native’ platform enables Enexis Group to move existing applications quite fast and easy to a multi-cloud environment. The implementation and integration of applications within the IT operation will be simplified with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). Fully automated processes replace manual configuration work. Furthermore, the Sogeti-consortium will build up a container platform to develop secure and compliant cloud software. This strategy improves Enexis’ time-to-market for new applications. The Sogeti-consortium will also educate the so-called DevOps teams in which software developers and –managers work closely together according to the ‘demonstrate, participate and do-it-your-self’ approach.

“We realize sustainable energy supply with ‘state-of-the-art’networks and services. Our IT-landscape will be more flexible with the application transformation to a public cloud environment. Moreover, we ensure software liability and security. Our partners are well-experienced in these complex projects so we are looking forward to a succesfull innovative change we go through coming years”, says Jeroen Sanders, Managing Director ICT of Enexis Group.

“Of course we are very proud on Enexis Group selecting Sogeti and our partners Schuberg Philis and First Consulting. The energy network provider underlines their leading role in the utilities market by making a strategic choice for a public cloud environment. We will leverage our joint experiences in cloud transitions as much as possible. At the same time, we foresee surprises in such innovative projects as well for which we always look for the best possible solution”, concludes Diederik Vieleers, Head of Services and Solutions at Sogeti.



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