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The transportation and logistics sector faces the largest and most complex cybersecurity threat in history, with ransomware attacks increasing at a staggering rate.

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The quick scan consists of 12 questions that are divided into 3 overarching topics: organization, infrastructure management & application management. We have divided all answers into 5 different levels. By clicking on each relevant answer you will gain insight into your current situation. If the majority of answers fall into categories 1-3, we recommend that you immediately prioritize your cybersecurity. If many answers fall into category 4-5, then your cybersecurity is quite good, but it is wise to look for further optimizations in view of future developments. If all answers fall into level 5, then you are on track with your cybersecurity.

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At Schuberg Philis, we understand how important it is to protect your business-critical IT processes and systems. This is why we have chosen not to offer the quickscan online, but to have it downloaded locally. If you enter your contact information below, you will directly receive the download link to our security quickscan. We will send you one email in the following weeks to inform if everything is clear.

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