Security Engineer

Ready to immerse yourself in the world of security critical IT components?

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Full-time Schiphol-Rijk 32-40 uur

Ready to immerse yourself in the world of securing critical IT components? Join our security team at Schuberg Philis! We are an engineering company with a people-centric approach and a focus on customer satisfaction, dedicated to delivering mission critical IT solutions to our customers.

As a Security Engineer in our team, you will collaborate with over 25 customer-oriented teams managing critical system environments. Your role will be pivotal in ensuring the safety of Schuberg Philis and its customers by preventing incidents, responding to threats and supporting our customer teams. Engage closely with engineers, our customer teams, external experts, vendors and stakeholders to drive projects and implement solutions that benefit all teams within Schuberg Philis – from concept to realization to adoption.

At Schuberg Philis, we thrive on growth and innovation, offering an exciting environment for security enthusiasts. We are actively seeking security professionals at various seniority levels to join our security team. We provide a challenging and rewarding atmosphere where autonomy in your day-to-day operations is valued.

In this role, you will work with cutting-edge technologies, spanning private and public clouds, VMs to serverless, and Java to Rust – all highly automated. As a hands-on Security Engineer, your skills will be put to the test in a diverse technological landscape.

What will be your focus?

  • Identifying areas of improvement and assessing the feasibility and benefit of security efforts;
  • Collaborating with all customer teams, offering guidance on security-related topics;
  • Creating custom tools to enhance security management in our customer teams;
  • Participating in incident response and serving as the go-to security expert for internal consultations;
  • Using your technical and soft skills to guide the organization in adopting security measures.

Success in this role requires a unique blend of skills and traits:

  • 3+ years of experience (the more the better) in a security engineering role
  • A security mindset with a passion for tackling challenges related to tooling, patching, integrations, testing and automation for both cloud and on-prem solutions
  • Experience and understanding of at least one of the major clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Project management maturity is a plus, even better if you already helped a team of engineers succeed in projects such as cloud vulnerability management platform rollout and enterprise-wide EDR deployment
  • Experience in blue team activities and software development (Python is our language of choice)
  • Strong risk management thinking, sense of ownership, and a solid BS radar
  • Eagerness to learn, coupled with a stubborn determination to make things happen

Sounds like a plan? We’d love to explore further with you.

Everyone we work with and consider working with has a right to equal treatment. The hiring and appraisal process at Schuberg Philis is designed to be thorough and equitable, implementing fair payment, benefits, and opportunities across all demographics.

It is our desire to be a company that brings together multiple nationalities, cultures, religions, genders, abilities, and talents within and across our teams. We welcome colleagues from diverse backgrounds to join Schuberg Philis and actively support diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.