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Where total reliability is required, we build fail-proof systems

We create, control and change the highly complex ecosystems that are critical to the world. We develop IT solutions that take our clients into a new age, that we feel is only just beginning. We make sure we can trust today and think about tomorrow.

Our engineers are our DNA

To achieve the high standards that we feel are essential to our clients, we have developed a unique way of working. We organize our people in multi-disciplined teams around the client. These teams are selfsteering and comprised of extra-ordinarily talented people. Our engineers are our DNA: they combine a deep understanding of our customers’ business logic with total mastery of the newest technologies. They are there from day one.

Freedom and mandate to act

The team plans, builds, runs and supports the IT-ecosystems. The same people that develop the solutions to critical issues handle the day-to-day monitoring and management of the customers’ application infrastructure. They are given the full responsibility for client satisfaction. They have the freedom and mandate to act upon this responsibility.
This process is essential to the way we work: we value craftsmanship. We believe in co-creation: joint effort with all our partners and maximum context. We speak up and dare to challenge. We look for a solution, not a fix.

Guiding Principles

Twelve guiding principles are at the heart of the Schuberg Philis philosophy. They are timeless, and together they encompass everything Schuberg Philis stands for. We look for these principles in anyone who comes to work at Schuberg Philis. Adhere to these principles, and you can make any decision you need to make. When challenges present themselves, these values can offer guidance.

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