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What we actually want

Our company was founded in pursuit of a clear vision: we want to work on projects we’re proud of, for customers we admire, with people we call friends, delivering nothing less than 100%. In everything we do, we wanted to make a positive and significant difference—for our customers’ strategic objectives and for society at large.

That’s what we actually wanted to do, and that’s what we still do today. It’s in our DNA.

Becoming Schuberg Philis

We believe that the exponential progress of technology will create a new competitive framework for our customers. To achieve the standards of excellence required in this new playing field, we have developed a unique way of working. This allows us to discover and apply strategic opportunities on time and set high standards for our craftsmanship and for our close collaborations with customers.

For each client, we bring together talented people in a multidisciplinary team, led by experts. Each team is fully dedicated to doing their work the way it should actually be done. They combine the latest technological innovations with creative problem-solving and a deep understanding of our customers’ business. It’s the people at Schuberg Philis that continue to make us who we are, through their unwavering commitment to personal and professional excellence.

Value, first and foremost

On every project, we co-create with our partners and customers to deliver value through innovation. The value of our craftsmanship lies in our understanding, knowledge and experience of the advanced architecture of the mission critical application landscapes we design and manage. But just as important is the operational excellence we achieve for our customers’ business.

That’s why we always look beyond the primary request, delving into the strategic objectives and business questions that truly matter to customers. Our dedicated teams then plan, build, run and support the ecosystems needed to fuel further growth and uncover new opportunities. As an IT Business Partner, we always keep a critical eye on the evolving possibilities and developments, and we tell it like it is. After all, no value was every created by leaving a stone unturned.

Always looking ahead

As consistent as we are about our dedication to 100% performance, we recognize that the field we operate in is growing and developing. That’s why we are happy to embrace our relationships with colleagues, partners, customers and society as a long-term voyage into a future brimming with untold promise.

If you want to come along for the ride, check out Medium, where we write about our evolving company culture.

Guiding Principles

At the heart of the Schuberg Philis philosophy there are twelve timeless guiding principles and that encompass everything we stand for. We look for these principles in anyone who comes to work at Schuberg Philis. When challenges present themselves, these values can offer guidance.

Alignment of strengths

Chemistry of relationships


Our promise


Exponential technologies

Game-changing collaboration



Whole world opportunities

Out of our comfort zone

Fearless learning