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Engineers at Schuberg Philis are broadly interested in cooperating in the context of making the world a better place, one customer or project at a time.

We are broad oriented engineers who see the infrastructure world changing to software, who are not confined by the limits of our field, and who think outside the box to cooperate with other disciplines to find solutions.

Within multi-disciplinary self-steering customer teams, we are essential to providing 100% customer satisfaction and we therefore are in direct contact with our customer.

We work on complex systems, critical interfaces, and business critical platforms for and with our customers. We understand business context and customer requirements, design systems and platforms, automate as much as possible, support the (customer) team and developers on applications, and keep the platform secure, up to date and available. And last but not least, we optimize Run, so we can do Change, and are active in both critical operations and projects by building and managing AWS landing zones in mission/business critical environments.

The Akamai customer team?

Schuberg Philis is the only Dutch-based Akamai partner at Elite level. Our Akamai customer team works with the full Akamai portfolio for top companies within the financial services and retail market. Our customers heavily rely on Akamai products like Kona Site Defender, Edge DNS and Bot Manager. We also focus on the Zero Trust area using Enterprise Application Access and Enterprise Threat Protector.

The Akamai team is responsible for the complete integration, configuration and automation of the Akamai services we offer to our customers. We manage these environments end-to-end. As an Engineer in this team, you will proactively hunt for vulnerabilities in the customer domains, advise them on possible solutions and configurations to manage these.

What you can offer?

To be successful in this role, you have worked in a client-facing role, have experience with a Web Application Firewall (WAF) or Content Delivery Network (CDN), like Akamai, Cloudflare, Amazon CloudFront, Fastly, Google Cloud CDN or Microsoft Azure CDN.

In working with web application security, we highly prefer OWASP.

It would be great if you have experience in complex (AWS) environments and the following tooling and coding to automate, refactor, deploy, run, and monitor: Terraform CI/CD pipelines, Python, Ruby, Go and Splunk.

Does this sound like you? Please apply or reach out to us - we’d like to get to know you!

What can you expect?

At Schuberg Philis, you’ll join a community of engineers with an awesome combination of exceptionally high security standards, an infatuation with automation, and the power to make a positive, sustainable impact on customers’ business. Due to the nature of our customer engagements, there is no pressure on (billable) hours, but we focus on quality and impact – or how we like to call it “freedom & responsibility”. You know best how to deliver the most value.

You’ll also be embedded in a company committed to helping colleagues grow as people and professionals through training, opportunities for knowledge-sharing, and good old-fashioned fun.

Our offices are high quality workspaces, and we go way beyond what is expected. We have productive equipment, good food and drinks, team outings, family days, labs to experiment with innovative technologies, etc. We’re very active in different technology communities (AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, etc.), attending and organizing meetups and conferences, and organizing internal knowledge sharing events.

Our indefinite contracts are designed to take care of you both on the job and off. For more information about our perks, check out our What we offer page.

Want to know more about us?

Schuberg Philis is a mission-critical IT company providing solutions that deliver 100% uptime and impact in all operations at the heart of business. Customers include organizations whose activities power the world’s most crucial industries. Established in 2000 in the Netherlands, the company employs 400 colleagues who work in self-steering teams with offices in Schiphol-Rijk and Rotterdam.

Sound fun?

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