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Schuberg Philis looks ahead to exciting developments in its core business

2018 Was a year of considerable agility and change. The theme of this year’s Aannual Report is 'What’s next?'. Tom den Hartog, one of the Managing Directors, says: 'The past year marked the beginning in the next phase in our development.' Read the online version of our Annual Report.

There’s a clear evolution in the role that we play for our customers and together with our partners. This new role is based on the trust they place in us and our knowledge of what is technologically possible, as well as on our ability to execute. The changes in our organizational structure which were introduced last year gave us greater scalability and focus. This makes it possible to respond actively to changes in customers’ requirements, which has led to strong growth in turnover over the past year with existing as well as new customers.” Turnover in 2018 was €68.3 mln, 15% higher than in 2017 (€59.3 mln). Contracted revenues remained high at €108 mln. Net profit 2018 was €3.3 mln (5% of turnover, same as in 2017).

Investing in knowledge and expertise

Technical proficiency has been at the core of our services from the start. The rate of change in the implementation of new technologies, business renewal, and innovation demands a clear strategy for knowledge development. In 2018, we invested heavily in organizing our learning capability at a structural level. We have also been gaining ground in diverse fields such as culture, partnerships, technology and methods, and techniques for exploring strategic options. This is one of the important new foundations for the next phase in our evolution.

Labs – applied creativity

The introduction of Schuberg Philis Labs in 2018 brought a strong focus on innovative initiatives conducted in partnership with customers. Labs brings knowledge, creativity, and vigorous implementation to strategic innovation with customers. The establishment of Labs led directly to more Proof-of-Concept projects and applied experiments. The combination of industry-specific knowledge in the Customer Teams and the innovative power of Labs ensures that initiatives are both inspiring and relevant.

Public Cloud

Arthur van Schendel, Managing Director: 'Most of our customers want to utilize the potential of Public Cloud, which is also being adopted in business-critical environments in regulated markets. We support this development with our extensive accumulated experience in cloud implementations and transformations. Our close relationships with Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) and Google (GCP) are key here. In 2018, our colleagues gained the highest number of Public Cloud certifications since Schuberg Philis was established. This confirms our view that this capability is indispensable to the services we offer to our customers.'

Again highest Giarte Trust score

Erik-Jan Kool, Managing Director: 'The primary goal remains 100% customer satisfaction. Last year, once again, Schuberg Philis received the highest trust scores in Giarte’s Annual outsourcing performance survey. This trust, together with a long-term focus, provides a strong foundation to build on. It makes it possible to respond creatively to the increasingly common requests from customers – such as Argenta, Geldmaat, Franx, Moneyou, Jumbo, and KLM – to think – together with them – about future plans.'



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